Nectar News


As of today we have a new menu going......


Come down check it out!!!
It's been a couple of weeks now and things are going great.
A few wee tweets with the food, but keep an eye out for a new menu we are looking at putting out in March and yes we are still using our awesome Supreme Coffee...........


Just to let all you wonderful customers know that the silly season is over and Nectar's cafe hours are back to normal......


Nectar's hours have been reduced over the Christmas and New Year, the cafe hours are 8am till 3pm through till the 9th Jan. We will be closed however on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of Jan, safe holidays everyone!!


 Wahoo!  It's the last day of the working week AND the last day of the school holidays...cos the weekend's just the weekend!  If you're at home with the children, bring them in for a final holiday treat - our milkshakes, iced drinks and smoothies are always a winner with the kids - or if you're in the office, bring your team in for a Friday coffee...just because you're so nice!



Thanks to everyone for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience we caused yesterday by being closed! Great news...we're open and back to normal today.  Here's to it being Friday!  Come in and warm up, chill out and get ready for your weekend.   


Nectar has to close for a day while we sort out an issue with our water pump! We're so sorry to have to do this but in honour of our A Grade we felt it the best decision. We'll keep you all posted and hope to be back in business on Friday. Cheers, The Nectar Team  

P.S.  Check out our Facebook page to see our suggestion for where to get your coffee today.  ;-) 

 The Christmas madness is now behind us and we're marching full-steam ahead to a new year! Hard to believe, we know.

Nectar is open 28-31 December from 8am-3pm each day for all your leisurely 'still-on-holiday' breakfast, brunch and lunch dates.

For those of you back to work this morning we'll be ready and waiting with fresh scones in the cabinet and flat whites at the ready to help ease you back into routine. Or whatever coffee is going to help!

We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Day. See you all soon.

Monday, Monday

Yes it's that day of the week that isn't the most popular but fear not, the chefs have been busy since the wee hours and our cabinet is brimming with delicious salads and the kitchen is preped ready to make you your Monday that much better by washing away any Monday-itis that might be hanging around.  See you soon. 


Yes, it's our birthday today and we're very proud to be turning 8 years old! We'd love to see you all today and have you help make our birthday awesome.  A massive thank you to all our customers for all your support throughout the last 8 years, we couldn't have done it without you.

Here's to the next 8 years! 
Hip hip hooray!

Thanks to you all,



Come on down and check out Nectar's New Menu!!!
We have a range of new dishes as well as still some of the old classics, also a new range of milkshakes and smoothies, cant wait to see you here.........

Could Spring be just around the corner...?

 The sun is shining, the weather is sweet...with these lighter mornings and evenings it's time to come out of hibernation Dunedin people.  Another couple of weeks and Spring will officially be here...that means the start of new produce, new seasonal delights and (hopefully) warmer weather!  We can't wait and have got a few exciting changes up our sleeve to coincide with the arrival of Spring. Bring it on!  


And we have a AWESOME LUNCH SPECIAL on to fill that belly, so don't miss out............


This weeks special - Fresh Blue Cod Fillets w Lemon + Caper Butter Sauce, Served w Potato Gratin + Salad


Holy moly it's cold outside today!!!  It's always warm at Nectar though so brave the cold, let he bracing wind refresh you and all your senses and come and warm yourselves with lunch at ours.    


 Our annual loyalty cards are in stock, ready and waiting for all you Nectar lovers to purchase.  As well as giving you 50cents off each coffee you purchase, from time to time we run specials just for card-holders only, so be sure to get yours with your next coffee.     


 2015 for Nectar starts today!  we're open and ready for another great year.  We're all feeling rested and refreshed and looking forward to seeing all our regulars, swapping holiday stories and of course, making you all the best coffee and most delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches...whatever you need.  We're also looking forward to meeting new comers to this great part of town so come one, come all. 

See you all soon.  


Steve loves wrapping presents so much and all the Nectar regulars too that he’s wrapped you all a little Christmas gift. Be sure to get in quick to get your gift.

Just to let everyone know we will be closing a bit earlier today at 3pm and reopen the cafe 7th Jan 7am. The team from Nectar just want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas + Happy New Year and keep safe!!!!


Nearly there! The lovely Leigh has been as busy as a Santa elf and rolled decadent Christmas
truffles for Day 11 of Nectar’s 12 Days of Christmas. Don’t we all love a Christmas truffle?


Still have Christmas shopping to do? Have you got a coffee addict in the family or someone who loves to lunch? It’s Day 7 of Nectar’s 12 Days of Christmas and we’re offering 20% off all vouchers purchased today. Give your favourite people the gift of being able to recharge or relax at Nectar with one of our vouchers they can use as they ease into 2015.

Time to spread some Christmas CHEERS! We’ve got specials on Emersons beer and 8 Ranges reds and whites. Why not enjoy a wee tipple with lunch today – it is the silly season after all! Cheers to you all.


We’re bringing out the Nectar combo! It’s always a happy meal at Nectar but for today’s

Christmas treat we’ve got a ‘coffee and a scone’ combo for $6.

Nectar's 7th Birthday!!!

Wow it has been 7 years already, doesn't time fly=)
Help us celebrate this Friday by coming down and grab a fresh coffee with double swipes and a wee birthday treat on the side just to say thanks for being our friendly loyal customers........


Yey so now hopefully the warmer weather is on it's way and we can all get ourselfs back into the garden see those flowers BLOOM!
That also means more fresh fruit and vegies in season, so come in and check out our variety of  food + hot/cold drinks=).........


Our yummy Lamb Stew is back served up with fresh toasted bread of the day, just what you need with winter coming up......


We have heaps come and get them, great for the garden!!!!!


As of Monday, February 3, Nectar will be closing at 430pm, Monday-Friday.  We look forward to continuing to see our afternoon regulars as per usual.  :-)


We Love Kiwi Success Stories

 WOW!  Congratulations to Lorde on her wins at the Grammys Monday. What an amazing accomplishment for someone just beginning their career.  What a fantastic role model she is for young, aspiring New Zealand artists and to anyone who follows their passion and believes in their dream.    

We at Nectar salute you, Lorde and all the kiwis around the globe following their dreams.  


We hope 2014 has started well for you all and that you have been able to rest and relax during the holidays. We found some great coffee (Coffee Supreme of course) on our travels throughout  the South Island but we're looking forward to opening our doors and turning on the coffee machine because, as the saying goes, there's no place like home and we really do take pride in making the best espresso possible. 

We are looking forward to seeing all our regulars and hearing about your holidays. If you're back to work this week, come and get your coffee fix from us to help soften the blow. 
If you're lucky enough to still be on holiday, pop in for a leisurely lunch. 
Looking forward to seeing you all soon and getting 2014 off to a great start. We've got a feeling it's going to be a great year! 
The Team at Nectar

12 Days of Christmas

WOW!  It's the last day of Nectar's "12 Days of Christmas!"  The team at Nectar always love seeing your smiling faces in the cafe and want to thank you for your custom throughout 2013.  We hope you've enjoyed the little extras, bonuses and treats we've offered throughout the last 12 days.  We've had fun creating them and getting ourselves, and hopefully you, into the Christmas spirit.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, a safe and happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all on the 6th January, when we open the doors again.     

Day 12. Eeekk! Last minute shopping stressing you out?! Don’t waste another minute! Let us save the day! Get yourself to Nectar today, we’ve taken 20% off any voucher!. Sit back and relax over a beer or a wine. Christmas shopping, DONE!


Yes Christmas is only two weeks away, are you sorted???
Plus we are doing our  WEST COAST WHITEBAIT FRTTER SPECIAL  on once again........

Rainy Sunday

It may be an awfully gray and dull day in Dunedin, but nectar has a whole lot of sunshine and excitment to brighten up your Sunday, so come on down and enjoy a coffee and breakfast with us.


Check it out we are doing a special on with West Coast Whitebait Fritters served with Cucumber Ailoi, Dill + Salad Greens YUM......

December 1!

Nectar has been transformed over night into a winter (summer?) wonderland, so come on down and enjoy a festive flat white and scone with us.


So what an awesome day it's guna be, come down check out our fresh food plus coffee before you head out for the day and the good thing is too that we are now doing our full  LUNCH MENU in the weekends....


WOW what awesome weather we have been having, so why not pop down for some yummy fresh food and coffee........


Yum come check out our Whitebait Special, a Ommelette with tasty relish and ciabatta toast......


How exciting every weekend Nectar will be doing their FULL LUNCH MENU Saturday plus Sunday's from 11am till 3pm!!!
So that means our fresh Chicken Sangas, Ciabatta Toasties, Chicken Salad ETC......

What a Game!

Congratulations to the boys in black for putting on a fantastic performance last night; we're all very proud.


Should be a good one to watch.....

COFFEE GRINDS!!!!! We have a bucket load, so if you're getting into your garden this weekend come on down and grab some. We need them gone!


Just a big thanks from the team at Nectar for coming down and supporting us also along with celebrating our birthday we could not of not done it without yeas, cheers=).....


Yey it's our 6th Birthday so come on down and check out what is happening round the place. We have specials on for the day along with our really fresh coffee and  yummy food.......

Nearly Party Time!!!

So yea we are getting geared up for a party tomorrow, it is NECTAR'S 6TH BIRTHDAY!!!!
Come along to celebrate with us........

Well what an AWESOME game of rugby in the weekend....

Well it's not much of a day out there, so whip into the cafe chill out with a nice hot coffee and fresh food.......


Just wana say bye to Karla one of our most AWESOME staff members who has moved on and out from Dunna's to CHCH, we wish you all the best and will miss your radd sense of houmor and big smile.
Good Luck Chic!!! From the team at Nectar.....


Getting tired as the end of the year comes forward?? Come on in and get your Supreme coffee fix! And a scone because they are that  awesome!!

Come and get it! =)

We have lots of coffee grinds! It is coming in to that time of year where you are preparing your garden beds. If you or anyone you know would like any come on in!!
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

The Cabinet has awesome tastey food in it today!
See you here :)

And both teams kicked butt, GO THE KIWIS!!!!


The weather is warming up and we have just what you need. Coffee grounds!
The perfect solution for your garden needs. Just come on in and ask us, we are always happy to help!


Yea it's the second weekend of spring, so hopefully we get a bit of sun to brighten up your day and just think it could be time to get back into the garden so it looks all colourful plus pretty for summer=)


It has been awesome getting to know you and share some funny and embarrasing memories! We wish you all the best for the future and see you up the road ;)
- The team at Nectar Ox

New Menu Awesomeness

So..... Now that our new menu is up, why not try something off it?? Like the Garlic Mushrooms or the Lamb Tagine( i hear they're both super good). Or if you're more of a Breakfast Person why not go for the Breakfast Tortilla,it's packed full of yummy goodness, or our new sweet Banana and Date loaf. So, go on give it a try. :)


Nectar would like to throw out a huge HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY shout out to miss K-Slice who is holidaying this week. (it's a well deserved holiday). Have a wicked Birthday Agent K :)


Exciting news, we have launched our new Breakfast/Brunch and Lunch menus.   Some dishes have merely been tweaked a little and some are specials that have been so popular we've decided to make them permanent. Don't worry though, many of the old favourites, such as our delicious Posh Beans, are remaining and now you also have the option of adding them to your poached free-range eggs.    We look forward to seeing you all and hearing your thoughts as you taste our new dishes.


Welcoming Artist Kelly Snow. Began drawing Castles and Churches. Also writes poetry and makes Jewllery. She lives with Asperges, mild Schizophrenia and Tourettes.
Her artwork is colourful and stunning. Come in and have a look!
Exciting stuff!

Attitude = Altitude


Feeling really awesome about the cabinet food and Leigh's delicious baking!! 
Come on in out of the rain and have a try =D

And Our New Neighbour is...

 Zucchini Bros!  Yes, the delicious pizza and pasta restaurant we all love to visit in Roslyn is moving in next door to Nectar.  We will keep you all updated as to when their big shift will be.  

A New Chapter for Nectar

I hope many of you were able to come in to farewell Angela on her last day yesterday and we all wish her well in whatever endeavours she embarks on post-Nectar. 

I am looking forward to continuing to provide all of our regulars with the great coffee, delicious food and excellent service we pride ourselves on delivering at Nectar.   I always enjoy the conversations I have with everyone who comes through the door so don’t be a stranger. 

The changes at Nectar are not the only ones in the neighbourhood… the old BNZ building renovations are progressing and looking fresh and vibrant from the outside, the old Chief Post Office will soon have a bit of life back in it when Silver Fern Farms move in and keep your eyes open to see who our new next door neighbours are going to be!  A clue…a great Dunedin restaurant is relocating so I’ve been told and we’re looking forward to welcoming them to the Exchange. 

Have a great day and make sure it includes a coffee from Nectar.


Farewell from Angela

I set up Nectar in 2007 with Steven, and am now moving on to a new (yet to be written) chapter in my life.
I send a MASSIVE, MASIVE, THANK YOU to all my staff (past and present) for working with me, nectar has been blessed with some really lovely people, and it has been a lot of fun :)
To all our customers, THANK YOU so much for your support! It has been an absolute pleasure for me to have served you, and I have really enjoyed getting to know some of you beyond the boundries of 'hows the weather' (although I do love a good weather chat!).
I hope you all continue to enjoy nectar and I wish everyone all the very best for the future :)

Ange xx

(And don't be shy folks, if you see me in the street, say hello!)

Get your garden ready

We have lots of coffee grinds! It is coming in to that time of year where you are preparing your garden beds. If you or anyone you know would like any come on in!!
Reduce - Reuse - Recycle


Third to heir on the throne George Alexander Louis

Well done Will and Kate!

Superstar Chef

Our own superstar chef, Angela, is making some deliciously decadent scones today, so come on in and try!

A BIG Happy Birthday to staffie Josh, who is 21 this weekend!!

Chur :)

Nectar would like to give staffie Dan a huge Congratulations for taking out the top prize at the NZ emerging Artist Awards!! Awesome!!!
He is also around this weekend if you see him say a wee congratulations :)

Congrats Again

Nectar would like to give staffie Dan a huge Congratulations for taking out the top prize at the NZ emerging Artist Awards!! Awesome!!!

And on a side note - Steve will be on Classic Hits at 7:30 this morning to talk about our wicked Hot Chocolates, so tune in and have a wee listen. :)

Hot Chocolate

Thank you to everyone who commented us Dunedin's Best Hot Chocolate on Facebook. And also to those who have came in and tried them. It is perfect during this cold weather!! =)

Monday Monday.

Monday has come around again, but don’t be blue, celebrate it with a fantastic cup of joe at your local cafe, Nectar.

Lazy Sunday

Good morning loyal patrons, so far it seems quite pleasent outside, but don't let that deter you; come in, relax and have a delicious coffee. See you soon!

Due to our annual Staff Function we will be closing at the earlier time of 2pm on Saturday 6th July.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

Too good to miss

It is all about our delicious cabinet food today.
So come in and try our salads or hot dish, why not go for both? It is worth the try! :)

Ready, Set, GO

It's already the start of the week again, can you believe it? No need to worry though; we have your caffine fix waiting for you at Nectar, so you can plough through the Monday tedium!

Anti Freeze

I can't believe there is no frost today; what fantastic news! Now our beloved patrons will have no problem getting down to have a delicious coffee! Our fantastic baristas are awaiting your arrival and the scones are in the oven, so see you soon!

Congrats Dan!

Congratulations to staff member and Dunedin Artist Dan on being one of the 9 Finalists for the NZ Affordable Art Trust Emerging Artist Awards!!! :) Check out his Exhibition "And now the news" at the Underground Market on this week.

Roads still closed

As we have all seen on the news and read in the papers "Mother Nature" has forced roads to still be closed. So you know which roads are closed head to
And remember to keep safe driving this winter!! :)

Do you wonder how we often get Latte Art? Well here is some history about the beautiful design on your coffee. Latte Art was developed in different countries but it was initially developed in Italy. In the 1980s and 1990s David Schomer (USA) popularized Latte Art. By 1989 the Heart was established and a signature at Schomer's Espresso Vivace. The Rosette pattern was then developed in 1982  by Schomer. He recreated the technique from a photograph he saw in Italy From Cafe Matiki.

Kick start your week with our delicious home made soup! And also a famous Nectar Espresso to go along with it. We hope to see you out of the cold and in for the warmth ;)

Latte Art History

Do you wonder how we often get Latte Art? Well here is some history about the beautiful design on your coffee. Latte Art was developed in different countries but it was initially developed in Italy. In the 1980s and 1990s David Schomer (USA) popularized Latte Art. By 1989 the Heart was established and a signature at Schomer's Espresso Vivace. The Rosette pattern was then developed in 1982  by Schomer. He recreated the technique from a photograph he saw in Italy From Cafe Matiki.

Boy, it's a cold one!

Only about a week left until the longest day of the year and man is it cold! But no need for despair, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure you will be warm and leave with a full and satisfied tummy, so come and pay us a visit- we’ll fix what’s ailing ya!

Our 2013 Nectar Coffee Cards are now half price for the remainder of the year, so if you still haven't picked one up now is the time to do so!

Come On In

With another week of work come in and see us not only for our famous warmth but delicious food and coffee. You might even see our new crew members about ;-)
See you soon!

Meet the new Nectar Crew

There have been a few changes in our line-up this year... So pop over to the 'about us' page of the website to familiarise yourself with us!

Back On Track

Welcome back! We hoped you enjoyed your long weekend. Come in to the warmth and out of the cold for our delicious goodies and a hot drink!
See you soon :)

Queen's Birthday

We will be closed tomorrow, Monday the 3rd of June, to observe Queen's Birthday. Enjoy your long weekend and see you fresh and ready to go on Tuesday!


We are open :)
Apologies to anyone who came in yesterday after we decided to close.
Hope you all kept warm and safe though the snow, and take extra care in today's forcasted frosts.


We hope you are all nice and warm inside. It is a day for Hot Chocolate in front of the fire!
Drive safely out side.

Keep involved with the community

With a number of Community Halls around Dunedin that are administrated by Community groups it's easy to keep involved. They provide free advice, support, resources and workshops for non-profit groups on project development, management issues, planning and funding.
So it's worth getting in amongst the action and have your say!

Fresh Delicious Goodies!

Our kitchen team has been baking up a storm recently and stocking our cabinets with more delicious sweets, all baked in-cafe along with all our regular slices. Our pastry chef Leigh bakes all sorts. Come in and see us for your regular caffeine needs, and try a wee sweety and feel awesome this weekend!

2013 Otago Wildlife Photography Exhibition

This exhibition features images taken by amateur photographers, and highlights the natural world as seen through the eyes of our community.
The annual Otago Wildlife Photography Competition challenges local competitors to capture a photo of an animal, plant or example of human impact on the natural environment.
All entries are now on display at the Otago Museum until the 28th July, and you can pick your favourite photo and vote for this year's People's Choice Award :)  Definitely worth a look!

It's Monday morning which means back to work for another week. Come see us today to help ease you back into the week with delicious Supreme espresso and freshly made food and scrumptuous treats. We are here to smooth your working week and look forward to seeing you soon :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we wish all mothers a very happy Mother's Day!
Show your Mum how much you appreciate her with a coffee and a treat and or brunch here at Nectar! And, for all Card-Holder Mums out there, to show you how much we appreciate you, your coffee is on the house today! See you soon :)

Mothers Day

Mums are awesome! Make sure you touch base with yours this Sunday, and if she's in town why not treat her with Brunch here at Nectar!
Book early to make sure you get a table, and for all Nectar Card-Holders Mum gets a free coffee with her meal :)
We all love our Mums!

We hope you had a great weekend and made use of the seasonally strange warm burst! If you find yourself with a chill, there's nothing better than to come into Nectar and warm yourself with a delicious coffee made especially for you, and something to nibble too! See you soon :)

Beat the cold blues!

It sure is feeling like Winter is here. So what about keep in shape? Let us help!
We all know Nectar has delicious and nutritious food, stairs and warmth to keep you feeling good about yourself. So come on in out of the cold and relax this weekend. See you in today and Sunday! =)
From the Nectar team.

Hope you enjoyed your Anzac Day.
Looking forward to seeing you in for some delicious food and coffee!


We will be closed this coming Thursday the 25th to observe Anzac Day, and will reopen on Friday. We appologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Breakfast Special Today

Feeling hungry? We can help!
Today we have delicious Breakfast Special's. Come on in and try them with a fantastic espresso to match your taste buds.
See you today! =)

The winter chill is creeping back to Dunedin, signalling the beginning of the descent into winter. As the weather turns, ward off the impending cold in our warm cafe with a hot drink! Gauranteed to warm you up :)

The Rally of Otago begins this weekend, and is the first round of the 2013 New Zealand Rally Championship. The event also incorporates the International Classic Rally of Otago, for pre-1982, 2WD cars.
The teams start on Friday evening with an assembly of the cars in the Octagon from 5pm, you can meet the drivers at the 5:30pm signing session, then there is a ceremonial start from 6:05pm where the first car will be flagged away. The action then begins on Saturday morning with crews and cars leaving from Dunedin’s Southern Cross Hotel from 7am.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Weekend :)
Looking forward to seeing you soon for coffee and a scone, or maybe one of our delicious salads for lunch!

We will be closed from this Friday 29th March for Easter.
We re-open on Tuesday 2nd April at 7am.
HAPPY EASTER from all of us :)

We will be closed this coming Monday 25th March to observe Otago Anniversay Day

Back to Black! New Coffee!

Do you like your coffee black?
This week at Nectar we are trialing Supreme's Origin blend for all espresso: short, long and ristretto. The Origin blend is designed to showcase what we love and treasure about Ethiopian coffee. With aromas of berries, jasmine and subtle spice, and floral, blueberry and citrus flavours, the Origin blend pours a birght and bouncy cup.

Come in today and give it a go, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Celebrate the Botanic Gardenís 150th anniversary!

Botanic Gardens are still holding their photo competition. So, for free, unleash your creative potential on the themes ‘Plants’ and ‘Open’.
What will you win you may be wondering? You could win 1 of four $100 NZ Post Prezzy Cards!
Entries can be handed in at the Garden Information Centre. Last day is Sunday 21 April 2013.
So get photographing, once you've been in for coffee of course! =D




Fashionable Dunedin

For those of you who are budding (or even  blossomed) fashionistas, Dunedin's iD Fashion Week began on Sunday. Check out their website here for details and enjoy the lime light of internationally renowned and homegrown talent!!

Once in a life time

Aerosmith will finally walk this way to perform their first ever concert in New Zealand.
The best-selling United States rock band, with more than 150 million albums sold worldwide, will perform one show at Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium on April 24. YES they are coming HERE! Tickets are on sale from TicketDirect so get in quick for the best seats and clearest photos (when your hands aren't shaking with excitment of course).
Backing them are legendary rockers Wolfmother, Jon Stevens, Head Like a Hole and Diva Demolition.
A night packed with epic memories will be had and a crowd to get amongst will certainly be there!!

Sunshine + Nutrition

With all this beautiful warm weather, gotta make great use of the free Vitamin D. Just like us your garden needs nutrition and that's how we can help! Come in and get coffee grounds from us. Let your garden look just as beautiful as you :)

So next time you are in for delicious coffee and cake let us know and we will be happy to oblige!

Who loves sport? We do!

Looking forward to the weekend where we have the Highlanders Friday night and the Warriors Saturday Night at the Stadium. And don't forget the Black Caps are currently playing Cricket with England. (how awesome was Guptil last Sunday!)
We love sport and supporting those talented, athlectic New Zealand men!. So come in to Nectar for a Big Breakfast and a laaaarge Coffee. See you soon! =D

Customer Feedback

Thank you to everyone who has filled out our Customer Feedback form!! If you still have one, bring it back into us and swap for a coffee. We have already recieved 100 forms back and we look forward to reading and discussing your feedback. Thanks again!

Have you taken the chance to rate us?

If you have, Thank You, we really do appreciate your comments. (both good and bad!)
If you haven't, we would love to hear what you think, and if you could take 10 minutes of your time to fill out our Customer Feed-back Form that would be great! Just ask next time you are in :)

Valentines Day!

A day to remind all those we love how special they are :)

How do we rate?

Have you taken the chance to rate us? We would love you to take 10 minutes of your time to fill out our Customer Feed-back Form.
Pick one up next time you are in :)

We will be closed this Wednesday 6th February to observe Waitangi Day
(and Tim's Birthday!!)
We apologise for any inconvenience,
and hope you enjoy the day :)

Hasn't it been Hot!

Dunedin has been the most beautiful city to be in over the last 2 weeks, (not that it isn't anyway!)
We hope everyone has been enjoying the happy-Vitamin D-filled-rays of the sun :)

Today's the day

It's a must come in to Nectar today where everything is happening. Homies in the kitchen cooking rad food! And the scones are D for Delicious! So you don't want to miss out on those. K-Slice upstairs making coffee and getting it done. Be here or be square!! ;)

Art and the Daily Grind

This week at Nectar we have a new art exhibition, showing the screen prints of Rachael Brough.
Make sure to have a look at these animalistic prints when you next come in!
Also, we have coffee grinds available to take home with you - your garden deserves a caffeine boost just as much as you do! Ask us at the counter and we will be happy to oblige.

Change is in the air

This week the team at Nectar would like to thank and farewell Chef James, who has lead and inspired the kitchen since our inception over 5 years ago. Your leadership and commitment will truely be missed. Thanks and thanks again from all the staff!
And as one door closes, another opens, as we welcome 3 news chefs in the kitchen: Murray, who is replacing James, and Nikita and Rhys. Good to have you guys on board, and bring on this new year with new faces and superb food!

2013 - Bring it on!

We are back on board and ready to continue to serve fantastic coffee and food in 2013. We are now also selling the 2013 Nectar Coffee Card for $12, or $10 if you exchange it with your expired 2012 card. Come on in and see us and welcome back!


Today is our last day of the year.
Last day to come in for one of our Fruit Mince Tarts...
Last day of the year for Scones...
Last day to come in for a coffee...
Last day for general Nectar Awesomeness... :(

AND... last day for my wonderful sister Bethany! Who is moving on from nectar in the New Year, and will be missed heaps by us all.
Thanks for everything B!!!

We are closing for Christmas + New Years

Our last day here will be Sunday 23rd December and we will be re-opening on Monday 7th January.
Thanks for all your support this year, we look forward to seeing you after the break.
Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season :)

Fruit Mince orders are now closed for 2012...

Don't forget to get your orders in by this coming Monday 10th December for our delicious Xmas Fruit Mince and Xmas Fruit Mince Tarts.

Need a Job?

Can you cook?

We are currently looking to hire kitchen staff, including two chefs and a kitchen hand.
We hope to fill these positions by the time we open for trading in the new year on the 7th January 2013.
Call Angela on 021547416, email your C.V to, or feel free to come in and see us at 286 Princes Street Dunedin :)

Christmas Fruit Mince

It's that festive time of year again, and we have just the delicious treats to celebrate in style!
We are taking orders now for our scrumptous Nectar Fruit Mince. Available in jars for $15, or as Fruit Mince Tarts. Order in the cafe, or give us a call.
Final day for orders is Monday, December 10th.

North, East, West and South

Put it all together and it spell "News".

Christmas Functions

We are currently taking bookings for Christmas functions, and have a few dates still available. Whether for a lunch booking or something more elaborate, we are more than happy to cater to your needs.
All inquiries welcome.


Nectar wishes our Managing Director, Angela Bates, a Happy Birthday today. On behalf of the staff, thank you for your hard work this year that has made Nectar such a great place to work. Enjoy your well deserved weekend off :)

What Eclipse!?

I didn't notice anything, Did anyone else?? oh well...

The Eclipse is coming!

OK, so one more day to anticipate the eclipse! Because of the lunar orbit, the trajectory of which is opposite to the sun, the eclipse will begin tonight on the other side of the International Date Line, and arrive here on the 14th of November. So, tomorrow, at around 10.30am, New Zealand and Australia will experience a total solar eclipse. It's a once in a life time opportunity to see, so make sure its your morning tea break and enjoy the moment of darkness with a hot cup of coffee!

Art for art's sake...

We have some new art up by Rob Piggot which is a beautifully colourful edition to spring time Nectar. He has also made some 2013 calendars featuring some prints of his work for $25

Rhubarb is pretty awesome...

Rhubarb is pretty awesome..., the plant that is. Mine is cranking right now. They like lots of food and nice moist soil. If it starts sending up flowers then generally it's either dry or hungry. So to celebrate this amazing vegetable we've made up a delicious slice to adorn our cabinet. It's got an oaty bum and a sweet tarty top... come check it out.
. James the chef

Christmas Functions

We are currently taking bookings for Christmas functions, and have a few dates still available.
All inquiries welcome.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend, wasn't the weather lovely ;)


Just a wee notice to let you know that we will be closed this coming Monday to observe Labour Day.
We hope you all enjoy the long the weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday :)

Ask us for Coffee Grinds!

We go through a bit of coffee..... :)
and it seems so wasteful for us to throw it out at the end of each day when you can use it to benefit your garden.
One man's waste is another's treasure, so grab a bag next time you are in!

Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen.
Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance.
Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer. Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature.
Mix into soil for houseplants or new vegetable beds.
Encircle the base of the plant with a coffee and eggshell barrier to repel pests (ask nicely and we'll save the eggshells for you too!).

The Otago Festival of the Arts ends this weekend, so its your last chance to get out and see some of the wonderful events that are on.


A big thanks to everyone for yesterday who helped celebrate NECTAR'S 5TH BIRTHDAY!!!
What an awesome day it turned out to be and we will be looking forward to it again next year.....


So all you scone lovers today is the day!!!
Check It out! $5 coffee & scone along with cake and balloons, like any good birthday party should have.
Ange has made yummy truffles for you all, Steve is doing $5 beer and wine (I see a theme there) and the rest of us are welcoming with smiles and celebrations!!!!!!=)

Its our Birthday!! YAH!!

Nectar turns 5 tomorrow! and we love our birthdays :)

There will be cake and balloons, like any good birthday party should have!

And sparkly Hats! And delicious truffles! (Oh my!)

And deals!! Yes! For you! Our wonderfully supportive customers, we will have some deals going on for the day, so make sure you pop in and celebrate with us!!!

Watch this space....

Nectar turns 5 this week on Wednesday, and we love our birthdays!
Keep an eye out on our news page over the next few days to hear about our celebration plans :)

There will be cake and balloons, like any good birthday party should have!

And sparkly Hats! And delicious truffles! (Oh my!)

Watch this space....

Nectar turns 5 next week on Wednesday, and we love our birthdays!
Keep an eye out on our news page over the next few days to hear about our celebration plans :)

There will be cake and balloons, like any good birthday party should have!

Watch this space....

Nectar turns 5 next week on Wednesday, and we love our birthdays!
Keep an eye out on our news page over the next few days to hear about our celebration plans :)


The lovely Bethany (A.K.A B) turns a massive 24 today!
Happy Birthday B!!!!!

Time to get Artsy!

It's that time of the year again – The Otago Festival of the Arts begins this week on Friday the 5th of October. There are many great pieces on offer this year from a wide range of media including Music, Dance, Theatre and the Visual Arts. There's sure to be something for everyone, so check out the website at and find some artistic absorption and reflection to look forward to!

Lose one hours sleep gain an hour of sunshine

It is that time again where daylight savings end and we all have to bed tucked in to bed an hour early. No excuses to be late to work Monday! We all know that trick ;).

Have a good weekend, enjoy your extra hour while it lasts hah!

Ask us for Coffee Grinds!

We go through a bit of coffee..... :)
and it seems so wasteful for us to throw it out at the end of each day when you can use it to benefit your garden.
Here are some uses, so grab a bag next time you are in!

  • Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen.
  • Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance.
  • Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer. Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature.
  • Mix into soil for houseplants or new vegetable beds.
  • Encircle the base of the plant with a coffee and eggshell barrier to repel pests (ask nicely and we'll save the eggshells for you too!).


Well done the Silver Ferns! With a 50-49 win over the Australian Diamonds to win the Constellation Cup. Awesome!


Go the Sliver Fern's tonight for the second test match of The Constellation Cup, GOOD LUCK!!!!


A beautiful start to the week with the weather after a epic win with the Rugby. Hopefully your spring cleaning is coming along quite nicely and your garden is looking fabulous with our coffee grinds. See you today for a Coffee.

Ask us for Coffee Grinds!

We go through a bit of coffee..... :)
and it seems so wasteful for us to throw it out at the end of each day when you can use it to benefit your garden.
Here are some uses, so grab a bag next time you are in!

  • Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen.
  • Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen balance. 
  • Dilute with water for a gentle, fast-acting liquid fertilizer.  Use about a half-pound can of wet grounds in a five-gallon bucket of water; let sit outdoors to achieve ambient temperature.
  • Mix into soil for houseplants or new vegetable beds.
  • Encircle the base of the plant with a coffee and eggshell barrier to repel pests (ask nicely and we'll save the eggshells for you too!).

Wow! How cold + windy is it out there?!!
If you have managed not to be blown away into an oblivion, pop in and grab a coffee and take a moment to rest against the breezey freezey outdoors!

Spring Time!

So, the weathers heating up! Time to dust off your t-shirts and get your spring clean on! Don't put your coats away just yet though, it's about time to expect a famous Dunedin spring time snow dump!

When your in need of a break from all that spring time cleaning and enjoying the sunshine, come in and see us for a coffee and a smile :)

Sunny Sunday!!

It's a cracker of a day to be out and about, but don't forget to grab a coffee and a bite to eat. :-)

p.s. congrats to the All Blacks on their win last night.

Viva Los All Blacks!!!!

Los All Blacks juegan Argentina esta noche será una callenge difícil ya que todos están psyced hasta después de empatar con Sudáfrica en casa. Buena suerte todos los negros!

Another working week over, what an awesome week it has been weather wise with the sunshine and heat.
Enjoy your weekend and hopefully we get more beautiful days.....

Well I hope everyone enjoyed their Daddy's Day and got spoiled rotten!!
And again another start to a working week, and three quarters of the way to christmas! Yah, so hang in there and have a good week =).....

Dad's Day

It's Father's Day today, so why not drag him out of the house for lunch or breakfast or why not make him feel fancy and take him out for brunch. Remind him of all those reasons he's now gone grey, or better yet let him reminisce of when he was allowed to smack your naughty ass!!! To all the lovely dad's out there see you soon.


This weekend is the beginning of Spring :)  You can already feel it in the air, the longer and warmer days are just lovely, it's possible to start feeling our moods improve, as we are less weighed down by the cold and dreary days of winter. ENJOY!


We all hope you have a super fun day out there today :)

What an awesome sunny warm Sunday it was, just a little teaser and hopefully there is more......

Yey its friday!!
Not looking too bad either weather wise for the weekend and oh it is nearly that time of the year to start getting back out into the garden, so have a good one=)

The BLACKCAPS begin the first Test Match against India in India today, Good Luck Boys!


To our staff member Andrew, wow hes hit 21 and all grown up, Ha!
So have a good one Andrew and enjoy your day!!


And go the All Blacks!!
What an awsome game, keep it up guys and good luck for the next one.
So the weather has packed in again and who is over it? Come in, relax, enjoy the warmth and our fresh yummy coffee....

Dunedin Film Festival

So the Olympics are over and didn't NZ do well??

The New Zealand Film Festival is drawing to its conclusion this Monday, so make sure you get in and see a flick if you haven't, and if you have, treat yourself with another one! Real kiwis love their movies! Check out for more information.

See you soon at Nectar for a coffee! :)

So... How about this weather huh??
Closed Roads, Leaky Roofs, Students Surfing the Leith... Welcome to Dunedin!!

28th OLYMPICS 2012

Well, turns out it doesn't pay to do drugs.
It costs.
Last night, the International Olympic Committee confirmed it had disqualified Nadzeya Ostapchuk, who became the first athlete at the Games to be stripped of a medal for performance-enhancing drugs.
The 31-year-old Belarusian had won the Women's Olympic shot put gold with a throw of 21.36m, but our awesome Valarie Adams has now been awarded the gold for her throw of 20.70m.

28th OLYMPICS 2012

But WOW what an awesome Olympics it has been in 2012!!!
A big well done to the kiwis, it makes NZ proud, big thumbs up! and to all our other athlete's, good going too.
So if your up for it, you will catch the last of it with the Closing Ceremony today round 9am.....

28th OLYMPICS 2012

Womens pair's winning way on waves while Walker walks away with Silver.

Man!! or should we say, Woman!! This has been a fantastic Olympics. Gold in the womens 470 pair's sailing and the awesome Sarah Walker with a fabulous race for silver in the BMX. Sucks it's nearly over :(

28th OLYMPICS 2012

And hasn't New Zealand done well so far? GO THE KIWIS!!
Looking for forward to watching this weeks games, GOOD LUCK=)

28th OLYMPICS 2012

And another 2 Gold Medals last night in the rowing, go the kiwis!!!
Big thumbs up=)

28th OLYMPICS 2012

Our first Gold Medal was won last night in the rowing by Double Scullers Joseph Sullivan + Nathan Cohen :) What a race!
(I was biting my nails for a wee bit there...)
It is so exciting! We love the Olympics! GO NZ!!!

28th OLYMPICS 2012

In Nectar News this week, something about the Olympics...

Chef James in the kitchen says the Olympics are "O for Oar-some"! ;)

Suggestions: beer or wine, a big ol' block of chocolate, a roaring fire place, a big screen telly and all the sports you could want!

The New Zealand International Film Festival has begun. There is an epic selection this year, go to for details, or come in and pick up the programme and have a flick through with a coffee!


To the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic, wining the ANZ Netball across the Tazman Cup.
What an awesome effort and hopefully again next year we will see a NZ Team clean it up again, Good game it was too=)

Due to our annual Staff Function we will be closing at the earlier time of 2pm on Saturday 14th July, and re-opening at the later time of 9:30am on Sunday 15th July.

Hang in there

Only a week to go parents, so hang in there and hope your been enjoying the school holidays!!
Come pop in for a coffee, we still also have our half price deal going on coffee cards too=)

Half Price Coffee Cards!

Our 2012 Nectar Coffee Cards are now only $6 for the remainder of the year, so if you still haven't picked one up now is the time to do so!
Get in quick as supply is limited.


YEY for the All Blacks what an awesome win it was on Saturday Night, lets keep that up for the rest of the year....

The Midwinter Carnival did not happen last night because of the rain so head down to the Octagon to night.

So have a good one and if your not too busy on Saturday night, head down to the Octagon and check out the free entertainment at the Dunedin's Midwinter Carnival.....


For us at Nectar it is a BIG FAREWELL to one of our Wee Wonderful staff members Sophie!!
She's off to see some of the big wide world out  there and we wish her all the best for the future and safe travels!!



Go the ALL BLACKS!!!
Hope they have a stunner tonight=)

No News today... it is too cold to even think of news, just keep warm out there! (and in here with a warm sweet hot chocolate... hmmm....)

North v South Rugby Game

And go the South in the Rugby yesterday, what a good old fashion game!!
Plus once again SNOW is on the forecast....

North v South Rugby Match

Kick-off is this Sunday at 2:05pm.
The last North v South clash to be played was a game in 1995 played here in beautiful Dunedin.

Well the snow has been and gone, no excuse to hide in the house. So come in and grab that cup of coffee your've been hanging out for!!

We will be closed this coming Monday 4th June to observe Queens Birthday.

Well done The Highlanders!!
And Good Luck for the Southern Steel tonight up against the Central Pulse down at the Edgar Centre round 7pm=)


Coffee Supreme have now bought out a new 210ml cup in their takeaway range.
This is slightly larger than our medium brown cup (to give you an idea of size) and so is more in line with how your coffee tastes when you are ordering a 'dine in' coffee.
We are also charging slighly less for your takeaway coffee in this size :)

Chilly it is BRR!!

What a good frost we had in the weekend, hopefully this week we will see more sun?
So come in and grab a coffee and enjoy the toasty warmth of the cafe and catch up on whats been happening around the town!!
Hope to see you soon=)

Highlanders in must win situation.

And win they did!  =)

Its so COLD!

Thank goodness it is so warm here at Nectar! Come in for a Coffee and warm yourself up :)

Happy Mothers Day

Well what a nice weekend it was, hoped everyone had a nice Mother's day and made the most of the lovely weather!!
Another start to a working week, so pop on in and get a pick me up coffee to kick start another day=)


Yes, its coming to that time of the year again... when we celebrate our Mum's amazing efforts in raising, caring, and generally putting up with, all of us kids! THANKS MUM!
Mum's are awesome, no one ever cares as much as Mum (except maybe Nana!)
So why not treat Mum this Sunday 13th May with Brunch here at Nectar!
Book early to make sure you get a table, and for all Nectar Card-Holders Mum gets a free coffee with her meal!
We love our Mums :)

The 2012 World Cinema Showcase has begun in Dunedin at the Regent Theatre and is on until 2nd May, so hurry it's the last couple of days to enjoy!!
Check out some of the offerings at or grab a progamme with your next coffee :)

We will be closed on Wednesday 25th to observe ANZAC day.

Its's the Friday already, have a nice weekend=)

We will be closing at the earlier time of 4:30pm today for a private function. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Welcome Back Everyone!!
Hope you all had a good Easter weekend and got spoilt with yummy easter eggs, but unfortunately it's time to get back into it. So if your in that kind of slow mode and the body needs a pick up....
Come in and see us for a coffee or a bite to eat :)


Nectar will be closed from Friday 6th. We will re-open on Tuesday 10th April and wish all of you a Happy Easter!  :)

Good Morning!!
We would like to say thanks to everyone who helped donate to Tim for the Shave For A Cure, very much appreciated=)
Yey it's short week, hope all people are geared up and ready to go for Easter? Be safe if travelling on the road.
YUM sooo much chocolate to enjoy!!

Shave 12

26 - 31 March

Shave for a Cure is Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand's biggest fundraising event. 

Shave helps the 6 Kiwis who are diagnosed with a blood cancer or related condition every day, without any government funding.
Over the last twelve years, Kiwis have registered, dobbed in their mates, fundraised, organised their events and shorn their locks.
This year our lovely Tim has registered to participate in raising funds for the cause, and will be shaving on 30th March at the Link - University of Otago. You can show your support and help by visiting the link below to make a donation :)

Nectar will be closed on Monday 26th March to observe Otago Anniversary Day.

And in other news...
We have a new artist showing work in the cafe.
Come in and take a look while sipping your next coffee at the works by Chrissy Hollamby, and you can find out more about her at

Hope everyone had a good St Patrick's Day on Saturday, if your still recovering come in grab a fresh coffee to kickstart you week=)
And Awesome that the Highlanders are still unbeaten!!

St Patricks Day! Be responsible ;)


RIBS! (we love ribs)

We have got the most delicious special on this week, Havoc Baby Back Pork Ribs in a Yummy Sweet + Sour BBQ sauce, homemade of course, and served with a simple Slaw that will help you on your way to 5+ a day :)   (doesn't it sound good?!)
We recommed having them with a bottle of Emersons Bookbinder (only 3.7%) for the perfect lunch!

The Cricket!

Isnt it great to see our Black Caps off to a good start against such a talented South African Test team :)
Hopefully we can pull of some good weather for the rest of the week and fill the University Oval with support for the New Zealanders!

Seasonal grump

Well it's not getting any warmer in the early mornings, you might as well say its winter already lol.
Hopefully we'll see some sun this week to brighten up the days a bit=)

Sport Sport Sport!

The Rugby season may be underway, but we are still in the midst of an International Cricket Tour, the NZ Breakers are still competing in the Aussie NBL, the League Season begins this weekend, and the All Whites are playing Jamaica tonight!
It is almost too much!


Chef Says: "Bollocks to the Highlanders, I'd rather have Otago!"

Great to see the start of the super rugby is here. Well done the Highlanders lets hope we see alot more of that this year.

Go the Black Caps for today's first ODI cricket match against South Africa!

and well done the Crusaders last night... although it still seems a little early for the rugby season to be starting!

Well it's officially the start of the Rugby Season, 7.30pm good game to watch to kick it all off!!

And again we just couldn't pull it off in the cricket=(!!!

Happy Birthday!

To our wonderful Chef James.... Hope you have a great day :)

Blackcaps Victorious in Capital

Sadly we didn't go so well  in the cricket on sunday=(
Best of LUCK for next time guys!!!


Got no News :(


Good bye Nat and good luck with your new job!!
We will miss you heaps and heaps!!

Burglar breaks in, folds clothes, cooks dinner

When a South Bend, Indiana mother returned home Monday night with her son, she discovered Keith Davis, 46, had neatly folded her clothes, swept the floor and cooked dinner. The problem? Davis was a burglar.... "I'm like, 'The police are on their way!' And he told me, 'The police already been here,' closed my window, locked it back up and closed my door and sat in a chair in front of the window until the police came," Ashley Murray said...Murray told WNDU she noticed Davis had cooked some chicken and onions in a pan, folded her clothes and swept the floor. She told WSBT Davis even put a sheet and pillow on her couch..."The police said it looked like he was a good chef. It looked like he had broth and everything in it," she said.

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend, now back into it for the short week YEY!!!

Another start of a working and its nearly February already, WOW!! where did the month go??
Come in and check out our deals we have going on and some new yummy baking we have=)

We are changing our trading hours

As of this week 23rd January we will be open as follows:

MON - FRI  7:00am - 6:00pm
SAT + SUN  8:00am - 3:00pm

Another start to a working week, so come and try out our Special Deals and check out some other changes on the Menu!!

Go the Otago Volts!!
(hopefully the rain holds off for the match...)

Nectar is Back!

Happy New Years to everyone!
We have re-opened for the year after a lovely break, and we are really looking forward to this year!
Hopefully you all have this years Nectar Loyalty Card, but if not don't worry, we still have a few left so be in quick to take advantage :)
There have been a couple of changes to our Menus, including the addition of a Ploughmans Lunch, in which we lovingly serve Havoc Pork Pie made just around the corner in their Farm Shop. YUM!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

We will be closed for Christmas and New Years.

Our last day is Saturday 24th December (Christmas Eve), and we will re-open on Monday the 9th January.
We would like to thank you for all your support during the year. THANK YOU heaps, as without you we wouldn't be here doing what we love...
Have a safe and happy holiday! From all of us here at Nectar :)

We have our 2012 Nectar coffee cards for sale $11.50 or if you hand in your old one it will be $10.50.  You might even want to have a beer to celebrate when you get your new coffee card! (see below)

Nectar Loyaltly Card Special

We have got a special on Wanaka Beer Works especially for our Cardholders!
Come in, flash your nectar coffee card, and get either a Cardrona Gold Lager, or a Brewski Pilsner for only $5! or come in with a friend and get 2 for $9!!

Christmas Fruit Mince!!

We are now selling our delicious Christmas Fruit Mince Tarts. Yum!!
We will also be jarring our fruit mince again this year :) but only to order... So get your orders in before the 20th of December as after that its too late :(

Nectar Food + Beverage Matches

We are now offering food and beverage specials to tempt your tastebuds.
These will change on a regular basis and feature some items from our menus, as well as some new offerings.
This week pop in and try our Mint Tea paired with the yummy Dark Chocolate Caramel Slice at a bargain price!!!=)


Can you believe it? It snowed! Again!
But all good to see the sun again today!!!

Good Morning!!
Hope you had a nice relaxing  weekend and enjoyed the warm weather, now back into it for another working week=)

Yes! We Did It!!!

Go the All Blacks! 1987 and 2011 Rugby World Cup Champions!! Yeah!!

Nectar will be closed for Labour Day

on Monday 24th October, we will be closed to observe Labour Day (and hopefully celebrate the All Blacks winning the World Cup!!)
We hope you all enjoy the long weekend :)

Great game last Sunday night can't wait for this weekend!

Have A good weekend and go those ALL BLACKS!!!!

Thanks Everyone!!!
For coming in and celebrating Nectars 4th Birthday, hope you enjoy the rest of your week=)

Hey Everyone!!!
Its Nectars 4th Birthday today, so come along and celebrate with us for a coffee and scone at $6 =)
As for you Card Holders its a celebration with a futher 15% off, hope to see you there....

Well Good morning, hope everyone enjoyed the nice weekend and hopefully plenty more of that sunny warm weather to come!!


Well another good weekend in Duna's with lovely weather and great rugby, go the Irish team!!!
Looking forward to watching more good games and catching up on that gardening in the nice spring days to come=)

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you enjoyed the first weekend of the Rugby World Cup, there were some pretty awsome games played and plenty more to come. So come in and relax for some nice coffee and food=)


Come in after 5pm this Wednesday to Friday, flash your 2011 Nectar Coffee Card, and get 10% off!
Awesome huh :)

!Bienvenidos a la argentina de dunedin esperamos que disfrutar de su estancia!

Spring is almost here! You can feel it in the air...

Its BirthdayTime! (again)

So many of our staff are born in August!
Happy Birthday today to both Andrew and Sara :)

How frosty it is out there! See below for tips on keeping warm, and pop in for a Coffee or delicious Hot Chocolate, cause its always warm here at Nectar!

Yey its FRIDAY!!! So come along relax and enjoy our fresh coffee + food=)

Happy 21st Birthday Silas!!

Snow Day!!!!

We are all having a snow day. I hope you are all at home having fun in the snow.  Hope to see you all tomorrow (snow permitting).   

We've updated our beer + wine list. There are a couple of new wines + some new beer. We have also added to our snacks menu with some new additions as well as some heartier options.
So come in and try..

Happy Birthday Julie!!!!!

21 again and again and again....

Film Festival Time!

Film Festival starts again this Thursday, so come in to get a programme, or enjoy some drinks and snacks before your film :)

No News

Steve has no news.. : (

Julz is tired..

It's Julie's first time opening this morning. She's tired. Go easy on her..; )
And in other news Rugby's a ball , pass it on.

Uuh! Damn Snow!

Isn't it funny how snow really sucks after the first day?

Whoa! Snow!

Yay!! Finally some snow. Steve and I are here at the cafe, we just decided to stay the night, and we are open! The heatpump is on and I'm just getting a pot of soup on the stove. There probably won't be any other staff in today so we'll just have to move extra quick like. So if you need to keep warm or just need to hide from the boss, come on down.

James the Chef.

New Art

We have new art on our walls done by our Zac.  Come in and Have a look.

Situations Vacant

Office politics gettin' you down? Too cold for outside work? Sick of paying for coffee? Ready to unleash your cookery skills upon the city? Nectar is currently looking for someone to join us in outstanding culinary production. If you or one of your buddies think you have what it takes then pop down and see us!!!

Queen's Birthday

We will be closed this Monday 6th June to observe Queen's Birthday.

And Go the BLUE, GOLD, + MAROON!!

"A change is gonna come"

 "Customer of the Week" is changing. Have you always wanted to be our customer of the week but never been approached? Well let us know and we'll put you on to be forever enshrined in Nectar's customer of the week Hall of Fame.. Go on be part of Nectar history.

Congratulations to Wills and Kate! What a beautiful wedding!

Yay!!, Sport!!

Go the Breakers!! + Go those Highlanders!!

Happy Birthday Halszka!!!!

Yay! Happy Birthday to you Halszka! Turning a young 21 again....

We will be closed for Easter and ANZAC Day

Our last day will be Thursday 21st April, and we will re-open on Tuesday 26th April.
We hope you all enjoy the long weekend (& all the yummy chocolate), and we look forward to seeing you next week :)

Increased Coffee Prices

Yes, our price for a coffee has increased :( 
It's not something we enjoy doing, but as many of you would have noticed the price of almost everything everywhere has increased over the last few months, and we have held off as long as we dared.
Coffees have increased by 10c and a Hot Chocolate and a Mochaccino by a bit more as we now offer something a little more decadent :)

Award winning Havoc.

Congratulations to the 2011 Cuisine Magazine Artisan Award Supreme Winner, Havoc Pork Products for their Yorkshire Black Bacon. This award is testament to Lord & Linda's farming & food production philosophies & we at Nectar are extremely proud to use their delicious pork goodies!! Well Done Havoc!

We will be closed this Sunday 6th February to observe Waitangi Day ( and Bob Marley's birthday )

Happy New Year

We are open and all refreshed from a great break.

Hope you all had a great festive season, see you all soon for coffee.

It is our final day of trading for the year, we will be closing earlier than usual today.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!
Thankyou for all your support during the year, and we look forward to seeing you in 2011 :)

2011 nectar loyalty cards

For the week, we are offering our new 2011 coffee cards for $9 when you trade in your old one. The retail on the new cards will be $11.50.
The cards are valid untill the end of 2011 and offer 50c off every coffee, as well as a few new offers and occassional specials.

Nectar will be closed from 25th December, and re-opening Monday 10th January 2011. Thank you for all your support, we wish you all the best for Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year :)

          Happy Birthday to Ryan!
          Who turns 21 today :)

Christmas is coming!!

and we love christmas :)
Our Tree is up and we have again jared our delicious Xmas Fruit Mince for you. It makes a great pressie, and amazing Fruit Mince Tarts which we are also making :)

Please note we will be closed from 25th December, and re-opening Monday 10th January 2011.

Spring is here!!

Yay! Spring has arrived. That means 2 things: Time to get the vege garden in & stat holidays are on the cards again. So this weekend being Labour Weekend means we'll be closed on Monday 25th to observe Labour Day. I'm sure you'll all be busy planting the garden anyway :)


Nectar is turning 3, and we would like to thank you for your continued support.
Come down today Sunday 10th October to celebrate with us and enjoy our birthday specials :)

nectar is now licenced!!

We'll be staying open late on Wednesday through to Friday. So come in and check out our new fabulous range of boutique nz beers and wines, we also have a great new snacks menu and a few tasty additions to the lunch menu. : )

Nectar is about to become Licenced!

And to celebrate we would like to invite you to join us today 30th July from 5pm, as we unveil our new range of Boutique New Zealand Beers, Wines, and our delicious new Snacks Menu.
We will have drinks specials for cardholders and we will be offering free tasters from the new menu, as well as offering 40% off items on the snacks menu for the evening   :)

Closing at 3pm today

We are getting a little bit of work done in the cafe today and will be closing at 3. 
Sorry for any inconvenience

Keep Cups

We now have for sale your own take away coffee cup, so come in and have a look at one.  If you are a big take away coffee drinker, then get one for yourself for only $16, with your favourite coffee in it!

Here are a few good points of the 'Keep Cup'

  • Fit into almost any cup holder
  • Keep your coffee nice and hot
  • They look pretty cool
  • Good for the environment
  • Save you money

Welcome to our new Staffies Nat & Sara !

Meet them in our  'About us' page or in real life next time your in :)

Otago Anniversary

We will be closed on Monday 22nd for Otago Anniversary.  Hope you all have a fun long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday.

'top o the morning to you'

   It's St Patricks Day!

N.B. no-one in Ireland will use this phrase in common parlance. They may say : "best of the morning to you", and in response you would say: "and the rest of the day to yourself" meaning "thank you for wishing me a good morning, I now wish you a good afternoon".



We are looking for new talent to join our team as unfortunately a couple of our staff are off to further education soon :( 
If you or someone you know is passionate about food and coffee let us know!
Drop in your C.V. or call Angela 477 8976 or 021 547416

Happy Birthday Chef, for yesterday.

We will be closed on Saturday 6th February
to observe Waitangi Day.
We re-open on Sunday 7th February and for the day we are offering coffee cardholders a free coffee with breakfast (purchases over $8.00 only, one free coffee per card)

Free Coffee

Our first Card-holder Special is going to be this Sunday. And is going to be Buy one Get One free coffees. We are open from 8.30 in the morning till 2.30pm
This special is for card-holders only so make sure you bring your card with you and a friend to have the free coffee with you :)
(the cheaper coffee will be the free one)
Hope to see you on Sunday!

Welcome Back

We have decided to replace our ‘Word of the Day’ feature on our website with a ‘Question of the Day.’ This has not yet been changed on the website but will be soon so look for it in Nectar's News in the meantime. Email the answer to us to be in a daily draw to win a free coffee!

Our 2010 coffee cards are now available. Trade in your old card you’ll get 20% off your 2010 card but only until the end of this week.

Benefits of the 2010 coffee card are:
-50 cents off every coffee purchased.
-Card-holder specials on our website.
-Entry into our daily/weekly competitions through Nectar's daily email.
-Anything else we decide to do for card holders only. ;-)

So come in and get yours today and let everyone else know. Thanks.


We will re-open on the 11th January 2010.
Thank you for your custom over this last year, enjoy the festive season and we will see you in the new year

Christmas is almost here!

and we love Christmas. We have just put up our tree and made our delicious Xmas Fruit Mince, which this year we have jarred for sale. So come in and get a Jar (or 2!) If you are yet to experience our delicious fruit mince, we have our Xmas Tarts in the sweets cabinet, so it's easy to try before you buy :)

Sunday Trading

Have you ever wished we were open on Sunday?
Well... we are going to give it a go! Starting 8th November we will open from 8:30am - 2:30pm on Sundays until Christmas. Show us your support and come in for Sunday Brunch, or maybe a coffee and one of our delicious scones!
You never know, if it works out we may open Sunday forever!!

We will be closed for Labour Day

on Monday 26th October

we apologise for any inconvenience, and hope you enjoy the day!

Christmas Functions

We are currently taking bookings for Christmas functions. All Inquiries welcome.



 and we would like to thank you for
 supporting us :)
 we have delicious treats and there are some
 prizes to be won.
 so come along and celebrate our birthday
 with us on ..

 Saturday 10th October

Lievito Bakery Wins Gold Medal!

In the recent Bakery of the Year competition held by the Baking Industry of New Zealand, Lievito Bakery, who supply us with most of our bread products, won the gold medal for gluten free bread. Up against entries from every corner of the country, Lievito’s gluten free loaf then went on to beat out almost all other breads to be judged the bronze medal winner in the overall Best Bread category.
We congradulate Kevin & Esther and continue to enjoy their fabulous products :)

We now offer supreme coffee for retail.

Beans - brazil blend
200g  $12.00
250g  $14.00

Supreme Coffee Tin  $12.00

Coffee Tin  with Beans (250g) $24.00

New Menu

We have got a new menu!  We have kept a few of the old favourites, improved some of the old items, and put on some new very delicious dishes.

The kitchen will now be open untill 3pm instead of 2pm week days, also our Saturday hours are now 8.30am - 2.30pm. 

Hope to see you soon :)

We now have wireless internet

We have had it for a few weeks and it is all working well.  So if you need to use the internet for a business meeting or need to check your emails while on the run come in and give it a go.


We will be closed this Saturday 25th April to observe ANZAC Day.

We'd love to hear your thoughts...

We are going to be reviewing our Menu soon. Send in your comments and tell us what your favourite dishes are, or what you'd really like to see on the menu :)

Also what do you think of nectar becoming a licensed cafe? It's something we've been thinking about for a while...
Drop us a line by using the feedback form or come in and see us.  Don't forget the word of the day!

We will be Closed for Easter

Our last day will be Thursday 9th April, and we will re-open on Tuesday 14th April.
We hope you all enjoy the long weekend (& all the yummy chocolate), and we look forward to seeing you next week :)

we are increasing our coffee prices :(

BUT! not by too much, less than 10% across the board.
We hate doing this, but unfortunately as our costs have increased we kinda have to.
To soften the blow (and because we understand how important it is to have that daily coffee) we are offering our coffee cards at only $5 for the rest of the year, the cards entitle you to 50c off every coffee, and as no coffee is going up by more than 30c, by using the card it means you will still continue to save :)
The prices will be in effect from 8th April.

Heritage Homes of Dunedin

Sunday 22nd March 2009
11am - 4pm

The Cargill's Castle Charitable Trust has secured ownership of Cargill's Castle & wishes to develop it as a heritage park & provide public walking access.
In support, many of Dunedin's heritage homes are opening their doors to the public, showcasing the city's diverse & spectacular architectural history.
Tickets are only $30, are avaliable from us, and we will be providing the refreshments on the day.

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